Asphalt Shingles

ash1Ideal for New and Re-roofing

An excellent roofing choice, classic – stylish – simplistic – understated are some of the descriptions and feedback from homeowners.

People love the look of an asphalt shingle roof

There are many more benefits apart from just the aesthetics

ash2Lightweight and strong.

  • Meets the NZ building code for lightweight roofing
  • Plywood substrate adds exceptional strength and bracing to building frame

Design flexibility.

  • Being flexible, easily cut or shaped Owens Corning shingles can be installed to may roof designs
  • Pitch can be as low as 10 degrees


  • Layers of asphalt sheet plus plywood combine to create a high level of acoustic insulation
  • The Owens Corning roofing system using ceiling cavity ventilation helps remove condensation and humid air.

Corrosion and wind resistant

  • Perfectly suited to cope with corrosive coastal environs and high humidity airs
  • Cost comparative to steel grade required for salt spray zones
  • All asphalt shingle roofs installed by Northtiles are fastened with multiple stainless steel fixings and are extremely wind resistant

Safe roof

  • Solid plywood substrate beneath your roof means you can safely access your roof for gutter cleaning and building maintenance
  • No concerns about denting iron or metal tiles, or loosing your footing on slippery surfaces


  • Oakridge Pro 30 shingles carry a 30-year warranty from their manufacturer. An internationally recognised company that has been supplying shingles for 50 years
  • Shingles meet or exceed all relevant NZ and international standards
  • Fully backed by the NZ importer
  • Northtile Roofing Ltd provides a 10-year installation warranty